Fit Kraken

Fit kraken is the application for coaches and trainers who want to manage more clients with less admin work with the ability to upload their own videos or even migrate them over from YouTube directly. Trainers can easily program custom workouts and rest days for their clients.
Clients can see their workout schedule, and trainers can track completed and missed workouts.

As a product designer, I addressed pain points such as inefficient client management, time-consuming workout programming, and the absence of a centralized platform for seamless interaction between coaches and clients. From conceptualization to execution, I crafted every visual element, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive interface that empowered coaches to effortlessly customize workouts and allowed clients to seamlessly track their progress.

This project showcases my ability to empathize with users, translate insights into a cohesive design system, and overcome challenges to deliver a user-friendly solution that bridges the gap between coaches and clients in the fitness domain.


Product designer