Fluid Theme

Fluid was made with app creators, startups and all types of digital businesses in mind. So I made sure to give it a modern feel and create a collection of sophisticated, yet clear-cut layouts. Given that the target audience itself is in the business of creating apps, websites, and other digital presentations, special attention was given to the theme’s user interface.

Taking charge of the creative direction and execution for product, I led multi-disciplinary teams through the entire spectrum of the design process. Beginning with comprehensive research and planning, I focused on the target audience’s needs, experiences, goals, and essential features, setting the foundation for the theme. Progressing to the next phase, I meticulously designed the website layouts, making decisions on color schemes, typography, header structure, navigation, imagery, buttons, and the overall arrangement of elements on the page.

In the final stages of the process, I meticulously prepared a seamless hand-off for developers and guided them through the implementation, ensuring a cohesive and successful execution of the envisioned theme.
You can check out Fluid here