Maison Theme

With Maison, I wanted to make a theme every contemporary architect or interior designer would be proud to use for their website. Everything in the theme was thoroughly thought through and carefully created to fit the needs of its target audience. Simple, minimalistic layouts provide the perfect setting for images of contemporary buildings and interiors.

My responsibility in this project was to design layouts that embody simplicity and minimalism, creating the perfect canvas for displaying contemporary architectural and interior design projects. I developed a diverse range of layouts to ensure the theme’s versatility, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to the preferences of any user. Throughout the design process, I paid close attention to detail, ensuring that every element aligns with the expectations of the target audience.

Leading a multidisciplinary team, I guided them through various aspects of the project, including product strategy, design research, experience design, interaction design, and storytelling.
You can check out Maison here