Okami Theme

With Okami, I set out to create a contemporary portfolio theme for designers and creative individuals. I made the theme in two versions: one dark, the other light. A lot of effort was put into the details of the theme, and each home was given special attention, so the final product was a refined set of portfolio layouts to let creative present their work in the finest manner possible.

In this project, I led multi-disciplinary teams through the entire design process, from research and discovery to planning, wireframing, and product strategy. My role encompassed crafting a visual identity characterized by the strategic use of colors, typography, and simple elements, offering diverse layout options. The design solution prioritized bold, straightforward layouts to eliminate clutter, allowing portfolio projects to shine. Animated page transitions and effects were implemented for an intuitive and engaging user experience.

The overall outcome not only met the brief of creating a contemporary portfolio theme but also underscored the importance of a holistic design approach and effective collaboration across product strategy, visual and interaction design. You can check out Okami here